Funds Raised

The Aditya Mehta Foundation is an NGO that generously supports physically challenged people of two types:-

-> Para-Athletes who represent our nation at various International tournaments, and
-> Physically Challenged people that are not living up to their potential due to the lack of prosthesis and opportunities.


In the four years of its existence, it has supported a surplus of 100 such people with prosthetic limbs, specialized sports equipment and sponsorships. This sort of support costs anywhere in between Rs.40,000 and Rs.4Lakhs per person. Many of these athletes have gone forward and won International glory for India at various events abroad. In the year 2016/17 itself, their team of Para Athletes bagged a massive tally of 22 International medals!


As an NGO, it funds its operations primarily from donations. This is where Infinity Ride comes into the picture. The Infinity Ride is its signature fundraising event for each year, where they try and raise enough funds to help the Foundation grow and support more and more physically challenged people from the community.


This year, the Infinity Ride travels from Shimla to Manali. The ride takes place in between August 5th and 15th and will take the team of riders through the beautiful yet challenging roads of Himachal.


Why Support AMF?

Aditya Mehta, the founder, is himself a Para Athlete. He is India’s first Para Cyclist to win laurels at the International level. After his success in Para-Sport, people started approaching him for help, as they too were eager to take up Sports.
It is then that Aditya realized that there is a lot of greater good that can be done for the community with the experience, knowledge and contacts that he has. He started the Aditya Mehta Foundation as an NGO in order to help the few people that approached him.

As Para-Sporting performances by the athletes became popular and word spread, the scope for the Foundation’s activities grew manifold.
As of today, the AMF has supported more than 100 Para Athletes in India and improved the infrastructure, training regimen and scope for Para Sports on a massive level.

The AMF is a highly transparent organization and uses all the funds raised with a long-term vision of making India a force to reckon with at the Paralympics 2020 and beyond.


To have a look at the Foundation and its work, you could go through their website: www.adityamehtafoundation.org